Genesis 2019

April 23-24, 2019
Relive Rebuild 2019


Join the 2019 Rebuild Conference at its first installment: Genesis, as we host presenters on both sides of one of the most important issues of our time – technology and its effects on society. You’ll hear from thought leaders, investors, journalist, authors and academia on a variety of topics centered around the internet, the problems it creates, and new advances in blockchain infrastructure aimed at solving them. We want to invite like-minded individuals to join in advancing dialogue on these important issues.


More guest speakers are being announced weekly

Robert W. McChesney
Robert W. McChesney Author, Activist and Professor of Communication
Matt Spoke
Matt Spoke Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Zurrer
Ryan Zurrer Director
Ethan Buchman
Ethan Buchman Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Ann Cavoukian
Dr. Ann Cavoukian Three-term Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
Dr. Cathy Barrera
Dr. Cathy Barrera Partner, Founding Economist
Corey Segall
Corey Segall Co-founder & President
Alex Tapscott
Alex Tapscott Co-Founder
Kevin Owocki
Kevin Owocki Founder, Scientist, Chief Janitor
Lane Rettig
Lane Rettig Core Developer
Peter Kieltyka
Peter Kieltyka Chief Executive Officer
Nitin Gaur
Nitin Gaur Director of IBM Blockchain Labs
Russell Verbeeten
Russell Verbeeten Managing Director
Conor Svensson
Conor Svensson Founder
Dele Atanda
Dele Atanda Founder & CEO
Brendan Lee
Brendan Lee Chief Executive Officer
Gregory Markou
Gregory Markou Partner & VP Engineering
Yao Sun
Yao Sun Director of Engineering
David Winterstein
David Winterstein Chief Executive Officer
Sergey Gorbunov
Sergey Gorbunov Chief Cryptographer and Head of Security Research
Ryan Selkis
Ryan Selkis Chief Executive Officer
Konstantin Richter
Konstantin Richter Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Mandic
Patrick Mandic CEO
Michael O'Rourke
Michael O'Rourke Chief Executive Officer
Eden Dhaliwal
Eden Dhaliwal Partner
Chinmay Patel
Chinmay Patel Chief Executive Officer
Dave Balter
Dave Balter Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Disher
Jeff Disher Engineer
John Fiorelli
John Fiorelli Regional Partner
Sascha Darius Mojtahedi
Sascha Darius Mojtahedi CEO
Jack Zampolin
Jack Zampolin Product Manager
Alex McDougall
Alex McDougall Chief Investor Officer
Ron Resnick
Ron Resnick Executive Director
Michael Rose
Michael Rose Partner
Marcin Abram
Marcin Abram Lead Research Scientist
Mathieu Glaude
Mathieu Glaude President and CEO
Ali Shariff
Ali Shariff Engineer
Shannon Grinnell
Shannon Grinnell Producer + Host
Jay Kolbe
Jay Kolbe EVP
Sam Pajot-Phipps
Sam Pajot-Phipps Strategy
Tanner Mirrlees
Tanner Mirrlees Associate Professor
Angela Lee
Angela Lee Blockchain Engineer
Charlie Morris
Charlie Morris Co-Founder
Mike Mason
Mike Mason VP, Ecosystem
Casey Caruso
Casey Caruso Entrepreneur-in-Residence
Karim Zaine
Karim Zaine Business Operations Lead
Matthew Roszak
Matthew Roszak Chairman, Co-Founder
Carl Mercier
Carl Mercier Principal
Ken Seto
Ken Seto CEO/Co-Founder
Lorien Gabel
Lorien Gabel Co-Founder
Samm  Desmond
Samm Desmond Desmond
Albert Lai
Albert Lai Co-Founder and CEO
Yorke Rhodes
Yorke Rhodes Blockchain Engineering
Slava Balasanov
Slava Balasanov Founder
Dr. Zeynep Gurguc
Dr. Zeynep Gurguc Research Associate

Interested in Speaking? We'd love to hear from you.



Schedule Snapshot

Day 1
Day 2
Door Open / Registration
8:30 am
Welcome and Intro MC
9:30 am
The Internet's Corporate Owners Robert McChesney
9:45 am
Expo (Hacker Room) Partners
9:45 am
What it Means to "REBUILD" the Internet Matt Spoke
10:15 am
Let's Get Rid of Surveillance fueled by Centralization Dr. Ann Cavoukian
10:45 am
Blockchain Revolution: Building the New Internet of Value Alex Tapscott
11:15 am
11:45 am
Token Engineering Meet Up (Hacker Room) Dr. Zeynep Gurguc
1:00 pm
Guiding Philosophies of the Future of the Internet Sascha Shufl
1:00 pm
State Machines and Stakeholders Ethan Buchman
1:30 pm
Token Engineering Meet Up (Hacker Room) Marcin Abram
1:40 pm
State of Web3 Ryan Zurer
2:00 pm
Token Engineering Meet Up (Hacker Room) Slava Balasanov
2:20 pm
How Enterprise is Approaching Blockchain in 2019 Panelists
2:30 pm
The Gig Economy: Dangerous Monopolies Decoupled by Decentralization Kevin Owocki
3:45 pm
The Role of Tokens and Crypto Economics in web3 (Hacker Room) Eden Dhaliwal
3:45 pm
Blockers towards progress (Scale, Throughput, Usability, Volatility) Panelists
4:15 pm
Lessons Learned on a Journey towards Next-Gen Consensus Yao Sun
4:15 pm
Gaming: How this $50B industry is being changed by Web3 Peter Kieltyka
4:45 pm
Measuring impact, the FCAS Model for ranking cryptocurrencies (Hacker Room) David Balter
4:45 pm
Blockchain Communities and Their Emergent Governance Panelists
5:05 pm
Door Open / Registration
8:30 am
Welcome and Intro MC
9:00 am
The Digital Revolution and its Discontents: Social Power, Inequality and Resistance in the Digital Age Tanner Mirrlees
9:15 am
Fireside: How Apple and Google have Monopolized Mobile App Distribution Mike Mason, Albert Lai, Carl Mercier, Ken Seto
9:45 am
Ring 1: Governance (Hacker Room) Greg Markou
10:00 am
How Do We Fund Web3 for Sustainability in the Long Term Panelists
10:15 am
The Blockchain Hype Cycle, Where Are We Now? Kesem Frank
10:45 am
Ring 2: Barriers to Adoption (Hacker Room) Sam Pajot-Phipps
10:45 am
Blockchain Governance: Challenges & Opportunity Dr. Cathy Barrera
11:15 am
11:45 am
Web3 Plumbing, the Economics of Decentralized Nodes Panelists
1:00 pm
Barriers to Developer Adoption (Hacker Room) Corey Segall
1:00 pm
Cryptocurrency Transparency Reporting Ryan Selkis
1:30 pm
Scaling Blockchains with Efficient Cryptography (Hacker Room) Sergey Gorbunov
1:30 pm
Business Models and Governance for Dapps Panelists
2:00 pm
Virtual Machine Design, tradeoffs and design thinking (Hacker Room) Jeff Disher, Lane Rettig
2:00 pm
How Cross-Chain Collaboration will Scale Open Source Greg Markou
2:30 pm
Building Developer Tools & Ecosystem for Web 3.0 (Hacker Room) Chinmay Patel
2:30 pm
Blockchains of the future, Where the Tech is Taking Us Ali Sharif
3:00 pm
Workshop: Deep dive into Nodesmith Architecture (Hacker Room) Sam Desmond
3:00 pm
Mobility of the Future David Winterstein
3:30 pm
Workshop: Building a dApp with the Cosmos SDK (Hacker Room) Jack Zampolin
3:30 pm
Workshop: Introduction to Aion Web3 using Java (Hacker Room) Angela Lee
4:00 pm
Closing Keynote TBD
4:00 pm